Project Showcase

People could enjoy the comfortable environment created by Carrier from commercial areas to cultural and educational organizations, from luxurious hotels to airports and subway, from factories having wide areas to cloud kissing office buildings, from exotic amusement park to display centers with a history of several centuries, from apartments and villas to chain supermarkets.

Air-conditioning products manufactured by Carrier are running in different cities around the world.  In one of the most dynamic cities, Carrier has been bringing cool and comfort to many landmark properties in Hong Kong since 1950.

1963 The Peninsular Hong Kong Hotel 1970 Kai Tai Airport 1970 Chinese University
1973 Park Lane Hotel 1981 South Seas Centre 1982 Far East Finance Cenre
1983 HSBC Headquarters 1985 Kowloon Hotel 1985 Tuen Mun Hospital
1992 Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel 1994 Pioneer Centre 1995 Hong Kong Int'l Airport
1997 ICAC Headquarters 2000 Sunning Plaza 2001 TVB City
2002 HK Science Park 2003 Wai Yuen Tong 2003 Whampoa Garden
2003 Langham Place Hotel 2004 No. 9 Queen's Road 2005 Sino Plaza
2005 Queen's Mary Hospital 2007 Dragon Centre 2007 Elements
2008 Exchange Tower 2008 Int'l Commerce Centre 2008 Silvercord 
2008 Nan Fung Commercial Centre 2009 Wharf T&T Square 2009 Bank Centre Shopping Mall
2009 BP International House