Building Control System

Over the past century, Carrier has not only been focusing on the innovation and improvement of air conditioning equipment, but also dedicated to the research and development of independent and networked control system, thus optimizing the performance of the world class HVAC system.


Whether it is a single facility or it's a complete system, whether it's a retail shop or it's a comprehensive commercial center, Carrier Control family offers an economically sound and efficient solution to create the most comfortable and energy saving indoor environment.


Today our premier control system is operating reliably on thousands of locations around the world.

Carrier offers a complete line of network system products that tie multiple stand-alone products together for a fully integrated, self adjusting HVAC system.


Carrier Comfort Network (CCN)


Originated from Carrier's in-depth understanding of comfort and control, utilizes advanced technology to ensure the smart and coordinated operation of HVAC equipment and other related building electromechanical equipments, so as to achieve the highest operation efficiency and precise control level. The customized CCN control systems made by Carrier for customers from various parts of the world practically meet their comprehensive demands in high efficiency, energy saving, smart and easy operation, as well as air quality optimization.


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AutomatedLogic (ALC)


With our expertise in systems integration, we’ll translate the complex language of protocols, networks, routers and web technologies into practical management tools – tools that ensure effective building performance with user-friendly systems, critical trend data, management-level reports and more.


Automated Logic’s WebCTRL is a premier building automation system, offering an intuitive user interface and powerful control features. WebCTRL can be accessed from anywhere in the world through a standard web browser, without the need for special software on the workstation.


Developed entirely around proven open standards and web-based technologies, WebCTRL’s server software will run on many different platforms, including Windows, Sun Solaris and Linux. Major databases are supported by the server, from single user Microsoft Access to industrial strength MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.


The industry’s leading web-based monitoring and control system: developed on open, non-proprietary standards, WebCTRL® features native BACnet® architecture, supports MODBUS and LonWorks® protocols, uses Java™ open programming tools and interfaces with XML/SOAP technology for cross-platform data sharing. Simply put: whatever your system, ALC will provide operational freedom like you’ve never experienced.


ALC systems control the HVAC, lighting, central plant and critical processes in buildings. And their web-based technology provides building managers with access to building performance information – any place at any time.

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